Portable Oxygen Concentrators Continuous Flow

Our selection of Continuous Flow Portable Concentrators includes the CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 5, Respironics Simply Go and the Oxlife Independence. Start narrowing continuous flow concentrators by finding out which unit will meet your oxygen needs.

Continuous Flow Concentrators are great solutions for those with sleep apnea or other conditions in which you require oxygen at night. These units deliver oxygen from .5 to 3 liters per minute at a steady and specified rate. Being equipped with continuous flow and pulse dose settings usually means the portable oxygen concentrator must be a little bigger than those with only pulse dose settings, ranging between 10 and 18 pounds.

Out of the two main types of oxygen therapy, continuous flow and pulse dose, continuous flow is more for those who plan on using oxygen mainly while sitting still. If you need oxygen therapy while sleeping, this is likely the dosage type you will need. Continuous flow does just as the name describes – it’s a constant oxygen flow. It flows at the same rate, no matter how many breaths you take or the size of your breaths. Just because the dosage says “2 LPM” doesn’t mean you’re breathing 2 liters of oxygen during a minute. Some of it is wasted, but the same flow rate is when needed.
Home oxygen concentrators exclusively use continuous flow oxygen, because you aren’t doing anything that would cause your breath rate to change. Home oxygen concentrators can only run-on AC power, which means you won’t be going anywhere while using it. If you sit down or lie to sleep, continuous flow may be sufficient unless your doctor determines otherwise. It ultimately comes down to which dosage setting type works best for your health and lifestyle. You can decide on this with your doctor to pick out a suitable oxygen concentrator model for you.